1% Challenge



Take the 30 Day 1% Challenge, it will change your life!


Do you want to grow closer to God?  To get to know Jesus on a personal level, and not just as someone we hear about on Sunday?

Do you want to grow in confidence that you can hear God’s voice? That God has daily guidance and messages for you that will lead you to a more abundant life?

Most of us would answer YES; we may have the desire, but we may not know how to go about it.  Or perhaps we lack the discipline or communal support to stick to a consistent plan for personal prayer. 

What can I do today that will draw me into a deeper, more transformative friendship with Jesus? 

The 1% Challenge is one straightforward and powerful way to begin: Strive to spend at least 1% of each day alone with God in a quiet, uninterrupted prayer time. It’s not a gimmick, and it’s not a program.  Rather, it is an invitation to know the Lord more deeply through a rich and consistent prayer life.  It is what the Church has always recommended.  It is the secret of the saints, and the call of all the baptized.  Jesus can and will transform us if only we give him the time of day.  It is not easy.  At least at first.  But as you grow in faithfulness to the 1% Challenge—as you learn not merely to squeeze it in, but to build your life around it—around Him!—you will taste more of the sweetness of a Christ-centered life.