Catechists Resources


Resources for the Classroom

Mentors: would you like an experienced catechist to help you lesson plan? Please let me know if you do and it can easily be arranged.

The Be My Disciples Website:

Our own resources at St. Thomas Aquinas: Faith Formation Resources for Catechist

  • In the resource list you will find ideas for inspiration in the classroom along with inspiration for you as a catechist in your daily life. These lists involve everything from movies and books that STA owns to ideas and crafts to discuss and make in classroom.  If you know of any other ideas or resources that you do not see provided please don’t hesitate to share!

6 Tasks of Catechesis Form (blank): 6 Tasks

10 Commandments Bowling Game (thanks to Lindsey Spratt and Rachel Dolehanty):

The Ten Commandments Board Game (I have this in my office):

Mass/Holy Eucharist Bingo (I have this in my office):

Mass/Holy Eucharist Matching Game (I have this in my office):

The Catholic Board Game

Free Resources from RCL Benziger (Our textbook publisher)



Resources for Catechist Formation

Required: Webinars for catechist formation (2 required for 1st year catechist, 1 for returning catechist)