Parents with Young Children

Coordinators Are Needed

No events are being planned until New Coordinators are identified.

Parents with young children support one another through social and religious activities at key times throughout the year. Watch for information on an Easter Egg Hunt, a summer Ice Cream Social, Visit to a pumpkin farm in the fall and an All Saints/Halloween Party. This is a fantastic way for parents with little ones to get to know one another and help each other in their vocation.

Yearly events may change as new opportunities arise. Typically, these are activities that occur:

Family Game night - winter - in 2016 we had an afternoon in the Cardinal Gymnastics Academy on the ISU campus. It was well attended and enjoyed. We thank Mary and Jay Ronayne for the opportunity.

Easter Egg Hunt - week after Easter

Ice Cream social -  late spring or early summer

All Saints Day / Halloween Party - Typically, we'll do a Trunk and Treat, pot luck and will have games on a Sunday afternoon in October. A fun family evening. All families are welcome to join us. Please bring a dish to share and have treats ready to share in your car.

Notices of events are usually in the bulletin 2 weeks in advance and on this website.

Coordinators Are Needed

Couples are always welcome to help with this fun ministry.